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Things to consider when purchasing a domain for your website

Domain names

A domain name is an identification string that defines an administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet.These are the things to consider before buying a domain name:

1. Go for a Top level domain name

Make sure that the domain name you are purchasing is a top level one such as .com .ng .org e.t.c. Just make sure it is very easy for your visitors to remember.

2. Avoid purchasing a contradicting domain name

For example, lets say your website niche is on sports, you are now in need of a domain name and you purchase .edu or .ng extension, SO CONTRADICTING!!! Always know that your guests and visitors will be the one looking for admission or other sort of education aspirants and they will astonished when they see your Posts mainly on sports.

3. Check if the domain is not existing

The perfect way to do this is to go to any domain registrar website and type the domain name, to know if it had been chosen or not, don’t rely on that only, you can type the url on search engines too and see if it already existed before you totally conclude on purchasing it.

4. Avoid long domain name

For example, you want to buy a domain name for a website with sport niche and you name it: That is wrong, go for a domain name that will be easy for everyone to remember. It is not compulsory that the domain should be a 6 or less letter words, but make sure it is easy to remember (either long or short) and also don’t let it be too long.

5. Don’t advertise your unpurchased domain name

Don’t go to forums and ask for opinions on the new domain you want to purchase before you wake up the next day, it would have been purchased by a hungry scammer, you will have to pay them before they sell it to you and the money will be beyond your plan.

6. Avoid replacing words with letter

If you buy a domain name and make it instead of, if the another person with that is your competitor, he can wipe you away within days, that is your visitors may just mistype that 9ja to naija and fall for immediately. This always happens when people get to know your website name from the voice tag you put in a sport.

7. Avoid going for plural domain name

Buying a plural domain name which singular is already existing is a risk. Adding ‘s’ to the back of your domain name is a risk. For Example, is already in existence, you then buy a domain, people will easily remember smsgrab and forget smsgrabs except devoted visitors which are scarce and will be minimum.

8. Make Sure the domain registrar are reputable and reliable

There are some hungry registrars, hunger lead them to domain business, if you fall for such
registrar, your money is waisted, search thoroughly about the hoster you wish to use and their years of service before buying from them. Did you want to buy a domain (or host your website) i will recommend you to I am recommending them due to the experience i had with them, they are reliable and trusted.