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Google to help users create art at the snap of a finger with their project

It could actually help you do anything with the snap of a finger.

So maybe it would take a few snaps of the finger, or other minute hand movements, but Google’s new Project Soli is a revolutionary product that could make its way into an infinite amount of technological programs in the near future.

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group has been working on this project for several years and its complex nature is evidence of why. The gesture-based technology uses radar to bring finger gestures to life on screen to make touch-based projects easier to manage.

The team used radar to record unique and intricate finger gestures and collect the common movements used by people to control technology. For example, they recorded movements like controlling a volume knob, pushing a button, and moving a slider over to determine how humans would normally perform the movement and translated it into gesture technology. The resulting movements wound up being movements in which the thumb and pointer finger meet, almost like a snap, and are extremely promising.

Ivan Poupyrev, Project Soli Founder, said in a YouTube video announcing the project,

“What is most exciting about it is that you can shrink the entire radar and put it into a tiny chip. That’s what makes this approach so promising: it’s extremely reliable. There is nothing to break, no moving part, no lenses, just a piece of sand on a board.”

The chip could find itself in wearables, like smart watches, as well as phones, computers, and Internet of Things devices. The possibilities are endless, but the release date for a device containing this technology is unknown. Regardless, get excited by watching this video about the project below:

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