How to market your website: 7 ways

Online Marketing

You have developed and designed a website, and it looks beautiful and great, But there is a problem, which is how to actually start having traffic to your website.

Visitors are not going to come automatically, no matter how charming your website looks. Instead, you will have to implement an online marketing strategy to get traffic to your website.

Here i am going to show you 7 ways you can market your website. Some are free and some may cost some amount of money, initial investment is crucial for your business.

1. SEO (search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a very powerful tool for businesses. It is the process of getting traffic from search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. Some well known best practices to optimize page are />
– Creating content based on keyword research.
– Using relevant keywords throughout the page content.
– Using images or video that have keywords in their titles.
By following this practices and continually testing what is working and implementing any changes, you can optimize your website to rank high in search engines. You can also configure your keywords to reach additional targeted niches as your business grows. It is always a good idea to get in contact with your web design company for further guidance concerning SEO.

2. Social Networking

It is very likely thzat majority of your customers are using social media/network on regular basis. It is of good advice to use that opportunity to create an awareness for your business on the most popular social networks and direct your new found followers to your website.

Some of the most commonly used socail networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. Your posts in a social network should direct readers back to your website for more information.

3. Website Content

Your website have to convert traffic once reached. Make sure the key pages which new visitors are likely to visit for instance, the Home page, About page etc are up to date and focused on getting them to take specific actions

4. Referals

Your customers are likely to improve your business if you have a lot if them online, with recommendations, comments and testimonials. To increase this, be visible in places where your targeted customers are likely to be and leave reviews for you.

5. Youtube

Video marketing is an interesting and important drive for marketing your website and youtube is the largest video hosting service in the world of internet.


Businesses should be using videos to help explain their business, products, provide tutorials etc. The use of videos can help to engage your customers, increase conversions and will give visitors a real life introduction to what your business is all about.

6. Paid Ads

Most of the social networks available such as facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, also offer the opportunity to implement paid ads to make your content visible to a wider audience. Also search engines like Google offer such through Google Adwords.

These ads operates in such a way that they are simply PPC.

7. PPC (Pay Per Click)

In PPC you use the internet advertising websites such as Google Adwords to get your ads at the top of the search engine results.

In Google Adwords, the amount you pay is based on the number of times people click on your ads and how popular the bid is for thatr specific keyword.


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