See why a student hacker will be facing 10 years in prison for what he created

Surfing the internet with safety is the number one criteria every user of the computer should have in mind. There are computer genius all around the world surfing the internet working to take the users’ computer security flaws to their advantage.
A student named Zachery Shames, a 21-year-old hacker, was apprehended by the law enforcers for creating a dangerous Spyware.
The spyware has landed in jail, it is a malicious keylogger that became a powerful tool, that has done a graviolus impact on several thousands of its victims by stealing their sensitive data.

Authorities caught up to the hacker after he managed to infect over 16,000 computers with spyware that recorded every stroke of the keyboard. Shames pleaded guilty to his charges of orchestrating computer intrusions.

The talented computer hacker, Shames will be sentenced June 16 2017, and will be facing a maximum penalty of 10 years.

 We always recommend that internet users should take proper care with their online privacy and security.  Engage in hacking is at your own risk.

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