How to use Meta Tags to Increase Your Website’s Visibility


Meta tags are tags that are added to a webpage to increase its visibility in search engine. The Meta tags conprices three important components which is the title, description and keyword.

The title is the most commonly used Meta tag. It is displayed at top of the browser. It acts as the title of a document.

The description is not shown on the browser but it is shown in the search engine results. The Meta description is used in a webpage that do not contain any text content. For example, in an photo gallery website, the whole page displays only pictures. So since there no texts placed on the website, you will have to use the Meta tag description to optimize it with keywords.

The Meta tags are added under the head tags. The Meta tags for each page of the website should be unique. So as to avoid duplication problem.

Different Meta tags in each page in a website is a good practice. And the Google Adwords keyword tool is the best keyword research tool for researching keywords.

The new Google AdWords keyword tool has many functions that are improved to suit your task. The Google Adwords keyword tool allows you to analyze a keyword based on the, number of searches, competitions, CPC etc.

The Meta tag keywords should not be more than 255 characters. If the Meta tag keywords are greater than 255 characters, it will be taken as a spam by a search engine. Your site might be blacklisted by a search engine to be a spam website because it contains too many keywords. You can use multiple word as one keyword. So for a search engine to detect a phrase as a single keyword, you have to seperate them with a comma. The important keywords should be positioned in front followed by the less important keywords.

The title and description meta tags are to be written properly so that visitors to your website will be interested in the website.

Sometimes, the search engine displays the Meta tag description in the search result if it couldn’t find any keyword in the article. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the Meta tag title and meta tag description with powerful keywords.

By optimizing the Meta tag title and meta tag description, your website will be able to rank well in a search engine.

You should not misspell keywords in your Meta tag, because misspelled keywords have small competition and it will drop your search engine ranking if used, becausethe search engine will know you are trying to manipulate it, so it will not rank your website. Using misspelled keyword also make visitors to your website think that your website is unprofessional. When visitors see that your website is unprofessional, they will avoid it and won’t consider buying your product.

In addition, the keyword phrase you use must be meaningful. If the keyword phrase is not meaningful, the search engine will consider your website as a spam.

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