What Do You Know About Hacking

Have you ever asked yourself this question about what hacking is and can some one get hacked. What do you really know about hacking.

In the cyber security world, the person who is able to discover a weakness in the system and manage to to any other thing like exploiting the weakness to accomplish his goal is referred to as a hacker, while the process in which he used is known as hacking.

In the world today, most people think that hacking is only sniffing social network accounts like Facebook or defacing a website. It is far more beyond that, even though they are part of hacking.

Now what is hacking and what should you do to become a good hacker? This is what am going to show you in this post. For me the only thing you need to become a hacker is your interest and sacrifice. That’s all. And you should always be ready to learn because hackers are always learning to know about recent technologies.

So what is hacking: It is the practice of modifying the features or the integrity of a system or network and finding a bug in technologies so as to accomplish a goal outside of the developer’s original purpose.

Hackers has been given a bad name or lets say nicknames as the cyber criminals due to the fact that people are unaware of the different groups of hackers. Thereby even the good guys are also the bad guys as well.

There are the black hats, the white hats and the grey hats hackers. The black hats or crackers are the hackers who use the flaws in a network to their own advantage, the white hat are the good guys, they don’t work like the black hats they inform the organization about the flaws in the their network and provide a solution, While the grey hat are in-between the black hat and the white hat.

Hacking is always viewed as something illegal or shrewd. This is almost never the case. A few bad guys doing a few bad thing has put a bad name for an entire community.


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