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World Fastest Super Computer Built By USA

When comes to the country that owns the fastest computer in the world, China comes first, but now the United States of America now has the fastest supercomputer ahead of China.

Even till now China still has more supercomputers on the Top 500 list, meanwhile USA takes the crown of “world’s fastest supercomputer” from China after IBM and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) unveiled “Summit.”

Summit is claimed to be more than twice as powerful as the current world leader with a peak performance of a whopping 200,000 trillion calculations per second—that’s as fast as each 7.6 billion people of this planet doing 26.3 million calculations per second on a calculator.

Housed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee, Summit is developed by IBM in collaboration with Nvidia, RedHat, and InfiniBand networking specialists Mellanox and cost $200 million to build.

Summit consists of 4,608 compute servers, each of which has two IBM Power9 CPUs running at 3.1GHz with 22 processing cores running in parallel. That’s over 200,000 CPU cores across all of Summit.

The ORNL team says Summit is the first supercomputer made bespoke for use in artificial-intelligence (AI) applications, like machine learning and neural networks.

Jeff Nichols, ORNL associate laboratory director for computing and computational sciences, said in today’s announcement:

“Summit’s AI-optimized hardware also gives researchers an incredible platform for analyzing massive datasets and creating intelligent software to accelerate the pace of discovery,”

IBM is also building a smaller version of Summit called Sierra, which is scheduled to go online this year at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Sierra is less powerful than Summit with only four V100 GPUs per node for maximum processing capacity of around 125 petaflops.

Below is the video by the US energy secretary Rick Perry announcing the supercomputer summit.

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